OEx Properties & Settings
Editing the Outlook Express News Server account properties:
  • Highlight the News Server and Select the Properties button.
  • On the News Server Properties palette General tab you can change the name that appears on your posts, your e-mail address, and even change the news server name that will be displayed in your folder listing
  • Select the Advanced tab and check the plain text sending format.  You can also change the port if the News Server requires a different one from the default.
General News Reader Settings for Newsgroups:
  • From the Tools menu choice select Options.
  • Click the Send tab and un-check respond in same format option and check plain text for news groups.
  • Click the Read tab and change the number of messages downloaded from 300 to 600 or un-check the box and all unread messages will be retrieved.
  • Click the Maintenance tab and change the number of days before deleting to 30.


Set your Outlook Express News Reader to post in plain text and un-check the option to respond in the same format as the original post. This is the proper way to post in a public newsgroup.  Many people use dedicated news readers that cannot display html posts and will not be able to help you if you post in HTML.  If you MUST make a post in HTML you can select the Format > Rich Text option from the individual message you are writing.

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