Setting up Outlook Express
Outlook Express 6.0 News Reader account set up

I will go through all set up procedures required to subscribe to a news server and how to get the newsgroups on that news server. You may want skip to any section if you already know and read where the actual settings in Outlook Express are located and how to set them properly.  These examples are for Outlook Express 6.x. If you use another version you may find the set up slightly different for you.

To subscribe to a News Server:
  • From the Outlook Express menu option Tools select > Accounts
  • Select the News Tab > Add button > Add News.
  • In the wizard enter the name you want to display in your posts in the 1st input box.
  • Enter your e-mail address in the next wizard screen (include any spam blocks you want).
  • Enter the name of the News NNTP Server (,
  • Click Finish and the account shows up in your list of news server accounts
Subscribing to news groups on the news server:

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