We found out how small a one room cabin really is!!!!   SO....  here comes the “Boat House”.  This will function as storage and guest accommodations when it is not housing our 3 canoes and other assorted junk.  It started with a lot of deep holes in the wonderfully rocky New England soil...... Hey, they don’t call it the Granite State for nothing.  It is built on a 4 food deep foundation so this is one out building that is going to be here for a long while!!!  Speaking of that while Brad was a captive and building we decided to have him put up a wood shed with storage.  Great idea... But it looked like just a pile of lumber for a long time.  You would not think that a “Boat House” would take a lot of time and effort.  After all it is just a storage building right??? Well..... one with 20 foot tall cathedral ceilings and 2 x 12 rafters and 8 x 8 cross ties...... Gee this is starting to look more like a real house that our cabin. Hey wait a minute.... I want to live over there!!!!  With the help of two additional workmen (if you count Danny.... which you can.... if you can find him) Brad got the framing up without any problems. Even the 20 foot tall front wall was built, one piece at a time.  Before long, winter came by....... just to throw a few snow flakes into the project, and a few flakes did fall before everything was tight. But what the heck....... This is New England and if you can’t take a little snow..... head to Florida!!!!! I decided that since the two buildings would face each other they would mirror each other architecturally too.  The boat house has a large glass transom over the entrance which is an exact mirror of the cabins glass transom over the porch entrance.  This lets a lot of light into the build and helps illuminate the loft....... Loft?????  Yes, this boat house has a loft, and a bedroom, and a livingroom..... and cathedral ceilings.  The interior walls are rough sawn 2 x 4’s and the 6” wide ship lap sheathing is put on with the rough side facing the in.  Everyone though that I was crazy to want to look at the circular saw marks on the walls but it turned out awesome!!!!! Very rustic and totally unexpected when you go into the house. Everything got buttoned up for the winter.  But we came back the next spring with a vengeance..... well a couple of canoes anyway......... And we had a wonderful visit from Pamie and Dave and from Dave and Terry (a different Dave each time if you are wondering..... That Dave sure gets around)

What are you waiting for????
Get on up here before it snows again!!!!!
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